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We tried to make the Ambassador App as easy to use as possible. That being said, there is still a degree of learning to master a new app and web platform. We built this page just for you. We are always working to improve our product, as such support videos may be slow in coming. If you have an immediate question, that is not answered on our FAQ's page or in our videos, shoot an email to Info@AmbassadorApp.com and we'll answer you as promptly as possible. If you'd like a support call from Barry or I, please include your phone number.

Ambassador Assets

Social Media Badge: Show it off right next to your Facebook and Twitter badges.

Sermon Signup Button: Let your congregation know exactly where to sign up.

Ambassador Logo: Show off your ambassador pride in your church bulletin or on your website.

Congregation Tips

Introducing Ambassador

We're going to begin recording and sharing our sermons over email and social media. This is a bold step forward for our church toward our mission of evangelization and spreading the Good News. If you'd like to receive sermons, you may sign up for the mailing list on the church website or Follow/Like us on social media. This service will also allow us to track listens, shares and downloads, so we'll be able to gauge our online ministry's reach and set realistic, achievable goals for evangelization. If you know someone who needs encouragement or would like to receive our sermons and share them with your friends and family, please let them know of this new opportunity.

Webpage Self-Signup

Adding hundreds of emails by hand is not an option for most of us. Here at Ambassador, we try to distance ourselves from such monotonous and time-consuming work. So don't do it. Snag a sermon signup button from the asset list above and place it on your church's website. Link it to the sermon signup page you find under your member tab on the web platform. After informing your congregation of your intent to record and share sermons, direct them to sign themselves and loved ones up to receive the sermons.

Face-to-Face Signups

If your church is small or you're having difficulty motivating your congregation to sign up (it happens), face-to-face signups may be necessary. Fortunately, the Ambassador App is equipped to handle signups. Dispatch a team of ushers or cute kids to request member emails. You can always do this yourself from your iPhone or iPad.

How-To Videos

Mobile App Walkthrough

Upload & Share a Sermon

Editing your Profile

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