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You're time is valuable. Audio recording system setup is a massive undertaking and the equipment is expensive. What if you could record your sermon audio right from your phone's built-in microphone? What if you could share it right from the pulpit and watch listens, shares and downloads in real time? We believe that lack of time or resources should not hinder your ministry or keep your congregation from receiving the Good News when they are absent from service. After months of extensive testing and pastor feedback, we've launched Ambassador Mobile. Our supplemental app, which interfaces with our powerful web platform, is now available on the iPhone.

The Ambassador App allows recording straight from the pulpit. No bulky equipment. No need to pay a sound booth tech. Record and share your message seconds after you deliver it, (or wait till after the service). You can also onboard members to the sermon email list and plug visitors into your onboarding drip-campaigns. The best part? The analytics feed right into your phone so you can watch your message spread across the web. Growth your online ministry with our simple and powerful sharing tool. Try if for a free month today, no credit card required.

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