Frequently Asked Questions

I record and do post audio work on every sermon. Can I still use Ambassador without using the free recording app? Will I still be able to track my sermons?

Yes! If you record your own audio on your fancy soundbooth, Ambassador has a "Sermon Upload" button, which uploads your sermon to your sermon queue. From there, you can share it instantly to your email lists and social media accounts.

Why is email the main delivery method?

Email has the highest conversion rate in online marketing, over social media and online ads. Besides word of mouth, email is one of the most intimate settings you can broadcast from because this individual is a qualified listener. Having someone's email address is like being invited into their living room. Your message is nestled right in there between Aunt Paula's Family Reunion email and their bank statement. There is very little ad noise in the inbox, but more importantly, they're going to see your email. The internet is plagued with distractions. Facebook and your church website drown viewers in information and cool stories. When you inhabit their inbox, you're standing in the way of that inbox reading zero. And why shouldn't you be? You're their spiritual mentor. You're bringing peace. After a stressful day, what better way to put someone at ease than your sermon on God's great love?

How much is this going to cost my congregation to listen?

It's free to your congregation. All you need is their email address and it will show up in their inbox. The only charge is to your church for its monthly account charge.

I have three pastors at my church. How do people know which sermons are by which pastor. Do we need to each purchase an account?

Many churches have multiple pastors, so we've made it easy to simply add another pastors name to your church's account. Each pastor will have a unique login so they can use their own phone to record and upload if needed. Plus, you only need one account per church.

Why don't you automatically download my sermon to my subscribers iTunes like other podcasting services?

There are several reasons. Downloaded files have lower open rates than streaming files. Streaming files can be instantly opened and listened to without taking up space. Downloaded files are untrackable. We do give the option of downloading the file on the streaming page. We just don't force it on people.

How many reminders do you recommend we set on our sermons

At least one. Though, two would be better. People are forgetful and will not begrudge you giving them a little nudge.

Why should I share my sermons? They're on my website.

Investment and ROI. You've invested time into curating a moving sermon. Your sound man or perhaps yourself, has invested time into formatting the audio file. What is the return? Why are you recording the file if not to share it with someone? We don't discourage sharing your sermon on your website. We encourage you to share it everywhere to maximize your reach. Don't just sow the fertile soil, you never know who needs to hear your message and the traffic on your church website is going to be a lot lower than your social media accounts.

How do I get my members into the system and/or do you have a page I can send them to in order to signup to receive my sermons?

Certainly! Each account is given a member subscribe page which you can link to from your church's website. This allows your members to signup to receive your sermons by email as well as subscribe to any interest groups you have setup in your account.

How do I use the visitor onboarding feature to get people to come back

We can help you build a visitor onboarding drip-email campaign to keep your visitor engaged with your church by sending thank-you emails, sermons from your "greatest hits", and Saturday emails designed to get them to come back on Sunday morning. Our team is ready to work with you to make this happen.

I'd like to segment my audience into different groups to deliver different messages (ex: jail-ministry, young-couples, etc)... can I do this and how does it work?

Within Ambassador, you can definitely setup groups and assign members to them, and using our signup page, your visitors can opt-in to the specific interest groups they have an interest in. When you send a sermon to a list, you can choose whether it goes to just a specific group or is sent to everyone in your member list.

I don't really know all that much about audio recording, what should I do?

You should just get started. Putting out content of ANY quality is better than putting out nothing.

Can I use Ambassador to host my sermons and setup a podcast in iTunes?

Yes, you just have to complete some basic information about your podcast and have a few sermons recorded and uploaded, then we'll provide the feed URL you need for iTunes and show you step-by-step how to upload it and launch your iTunes podcast.

How do I get more church visitors?

Every church wants to see new people coming in the door. It's part of the great commission and there are a few ways that you can help people who are on the fence about coming to your church. It turns out the reason that a lot of people do not attend your church is because they do not know what to expect. They're worried about social stigma, personality conflicts and awkward moments. If you can help them feel at ease, before they ever enter your house of worship, then you stand a much better chance of seeing them the following Sunday. We'll give you one simple way to make people feel comfortable in coming to your church put your sermons online.

One of the key reasons to get your sermons online is to set the expectations of the visitors. Such as, What's the pastor like? Is he friendly? letting your visitors hear your voice before entering the door lowers the barrier of fear and persuades more potential visitors to come to your church. Here's how you get your sermons online. It's fast and easy. Watch the following video below and download this app. Within minutes, you should be able to get your first sermon recorded and on your website, today.

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