Stop making tithing a weekly struggle

Why automating recurring church donations gives everyone peace of mind

Imagine getting the kids out the door and corralling them into a church pew, only to realize you forgot your Sunday donation, again. Vacations, holidays and human error have caused you to miss  your monthly donation. Now, you’re thinking about next month and how stretched you’re going to be giving twice in one month. Adding further to your discomfort, you get the dreaded “falling behind” letter in the mailbox on Monday. When your pastor brings up a collection for the new roof fund the following Sunday, you’re in no way inclined to help out.  Missing a donation one month has soured your mood to donating, leaving you feeling drained of money and charity.

This is the story of thousands of church members every week, sitting in the pew, stressed about finances and missed donations when they should be rapt in your sermon’s message. Unfortunately, forgetfulness is not something that can be cured and this forgetfulness can effect your church’s monthly revenue stream and cause your church to miss payments on bills and commitments.  Enter,

Automating your congregations tithing is an easy fix for this issue that haunts all churches. Recurring Donations is essentially Stripe for Churches.  Recurring church donations and tithes are automatically drafted from your congregation’s bank accounts and deposited in your designated church bank account. The best part? You control the accounts, meaning your member will be able to call you and change their donation plan and amount any time, and you’ll be able to forecast your revenue stream for the month. Online tithing automation gives your congregation peace of mind as well as you and your financial manager. Remove the focus on money from your Sunday morning service and the burden from your congregation’s shoulders.

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