Three team software systems to manage your evangelical group.

A lot of evangelical teams need a digital space to organize in. Most have combined themselves to an email list blast, chatrooms or Google hangouts (I do like the hangouts). However, emails can become infuriating when your inbox is getting blasted every ten seconds and chatrooms and hangouts can easily fall into task-less conversation. Team software management systems will help you stay on point, track goals and run your team efficiently.Set tasks for each member or sub-group and monitor their progress. Your church is a business, run it like one.



Do you need a robust team management system? Look no further than Basecamp. Some of you techies will be nodding your heads at this. Basecamp is the brainchild of 37Signals (world famous tech company). Each member receives an individual profile and can then be assigned tasks on a checklist to complete. The individuals can be setup in project teams or work independently. See day-by-day updates, receive emails when goals have been completed and knock out projects faster than ever. It even has an application for your phone so you can manage on the go. It has a free trial period, but is well worth the monthly fee if you’re serious about running a well-oiled machine.


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Don’t need a massive management platform? Wunderlist is fantastic for small group and unofficial church committees. Have a volunteer organization or youth ministry? This checklist platform allows your team to set goals and knock them down. It has a mobile app as well, so if you’re team accomplishes a goal, you’ll know instantly. Unlike Basecamp, Wunderlist is more of a personal list, than a team platform. With a free account you can create a profile and request to join whatever group list you wish. Have three different groups? Great, join them all!


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If you already use DropBox, then you know it is no team management platform. However, it is fantastic for sharing files between your team members. If your sending files that won’t fit in an email blast, share via DropBox. It’s not only free, it’s amazing. The more people you invite to join the network, the more free space you’ll get for storage. Invite your team to a shared folder and you’ll never have to email enormous pictures and files back and forth again. Host your important group docs on DropBox for instant access anywhere. (*Edit: Moped, a Berlin startup has integrated with DropBox to create a desktop app for team sharing and discussion.)

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