Three free tools from Google your church website should be utilizing.

Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a free website tracking plugin. A non-invasive JavaScript snippet allows you to track how much traffic your site is getting, what pages people are being driven too and what referral sites are getting you the most visitors. This will not only help you decide on what information your visitors are truly after, it will report your online ad traffic. A lot of people tread blindly in the web world with their websites, thinking X, Y and Z are what content they need to serve up or what ads are bringing in the big bucks. Now you’ll know… Did I mention it’s free!


Google Webmaster Tools

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Webmaster Tools pairs nicely with analytics andallows you the really see how your site is getting along with the rest of the internet. Dead links, poor site mapping and where you’re popping up in local search can be found here. It’s a very simple tool with not a lot of bells and whistles. Still, if you’ve used the Adwords Keyword Tool to segment a target market, Webmaster Tools will tell you what you’ve been popping up for without your having to run an Search Engine Marketing campaign.


Google Authorship

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Have you noticed all those little pictures popping up in search recently. If you haven’t, go look. Not only have there been a few studies done that indicate they have a higher Click Through Rate (CTR = people clicking your link). This aids visibility moves us towards a more professional, responsible internet, where people stand behind their words and posts. Yes, you’ll need a Google Plus profile to tag your posts with your authorship tag, but as you grow your authorship, your SEO should rise.


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