The Benefit of Recording & Sharing Daily Devotionals

As a pastor, your congregation looks to you not only for leadership, but inspiration. Seeing you and receiving guidance one day a week for a mere hour is simply not enough to influence the totality of their decision making and lead them on the path of straight and narrow. The constant bombardment of temptation from social media, peer pressure and advertisements. True, many of their decisions will come from who they surround themselves with, but having your calm voice to hear every morning or evening before going to work or out with friends can give them the strength they need to follow Christ when it really matters.

Recorded daily devotionals are prayerful, scholarly reflections on scripture passages or pieces of church doctrine that sheds light on meaning and church reasoning. Daily devotionals have a very niche audience and don’t appeal to an entire congregation. However, those that elect to receive and listen to daily devotionals are passionate about growing closer to Christ and gaining a greater understanding of their religion. These more intimate encounters between you and your members can be the spiritual nutrients many seek, yet do not find at Sunday service and will allow you to engage in the deeper theological discourse rarely found amongst a congregation. You might even pick up listeners from other ministries seeking such insight and not finding it at their own churches.

Recording daily devotionals will stoke your own spiritual fire, as it will force you to reference, research and revisit old material and learn new material. It allows you to practice your presentation style and new material on a smaller audience with less pressure. But above all, it is a way to foster a deeper spiritual connection with members.

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