Sermon Analytics: Track your sermon shares and listens

Picture this, you buy a Ferrari, take it for a spin and park it in your garage. You never drive it again, you just let it sit there. Sounds ridiculous right?

The average pastor will devote 10 – 20 hours a week on their sermons and then park them on their website. It is shared with no one, except perhaps the ten members who use the iTunes RSS (seriously… iTunes?). Sharing it is not encouraged, there is no method to encourage sharing and if it was shared, you’d never know. Does anyone even listen to your podcast? People may subscribe, but do they open it?

Enter Ambassador. Ambassador is a sermon analytics app that lives online and tracks listens, shares and duration of play. Ambassador is not the cumbersome, time-consuming podcast software you’re used to. We’re the sermon sharing app you’ve been waiting for. Quit putting your sermons online and letting them collect dust. Get them out into the world as a resource for your community. Track whose sharing with whom. Now, we’re all busy and we all forget sometimes. That’s why we’ve included a reminder feature. Reminders email your subscribers when there is a sermon available, then again days later if the sermon remains unopened.

Why is this important? Just like blog posts and youtube videos, you have an audience that is coming to hear your message every Sunday. And, just like those online communities, your listeners are at different stages of understanding. Ambassador allows you to understand your audience, their likes and dislikes. Is sermon turning someone off? Is a certain subject popular? Why did a specific sermon garner thousands of listens, when your other fifty were only in the hundreds? Ambassador gives you insights into your congregation that you’ve never had before.

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