Quickly implement online donation collection with Stripe for churches

Stripe is a simple payment gateway plugin that can be customized to fit any cart process. Built for developers, Stripe is hands down the easiest payment processing system to deal with when it comes to accepting online and recurring church donations. Stripe’s friendly payment rules and extra forgiving features are a boon to any system. When many payment gateways charge for implementation, Stripe only competes in the payment processing charges, coming in at 2.9% + $.30 a successful charge and lowers its rates when you have higher tithe and donation processing. Online transactions are placed in your designated account every 7 days and there are no monthly fees for setup if you have a computer developer who can install Stripe. It even comes with customizable online donation forms.

Stripe’s forgiving features include; free transaction refunding, no setup fees, no monthly account fee and no fee for storing credit cards and sensitive information. Since Stripe is a Secure API, it automatically holds your account details and member card information on its own encrypted server. Meaning you merely need to setup an SSL for the website you wish to run the online donation and tithing form on and Stripe will handle all compliance issues.

Why doesn’t everyone use Stripe? There is a degree of computer development to setting up and managing a Stripe account. This includes installing an SSL on your current URL,¬†which typically cost $100 a year. Your developer will also need to be able to format the online donation form to handle one-time donations and recurring tithes and funnel the money to the correct bank account?

We realize not every church has a developer and this is over most everyone in the office’s head. Therefore, we built It removes all the issues we just listed, allowing you to link to a secure, online donation form from your church’s website. Our form allows your members to select recurring tithe or just a one-time donation. You’ll be able to oversee and manage the form and the revenue stream, directing it to the bank account of your choice, refunding donations and better understand your church’s income from donations.

Your members also have their own login to their credit card details and recurring donations on a sub-profile of your church’s account, allowing them to increase or stop their donations at any time. This service is humbly priced and allows you to fluidly manage your funds and online donations.

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