Providing sermons on your website is not enough!

I remember listening to our pastor from Texas on cassette, on car rides, when I was five. Pastors have been recording their sermons for over two decades. From cassette, to CD, to podcast, the format is irrelevant. What is relevant, is how you reach your audience. It is easier than ever to reach your audience, but few pastors do. Your congregation wants you in their lives. They friend you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter and donate their money to keep a roof over your head. Posting a sermon to your website is not good enough. Your congregation deserves more from you and you deserve more for your hard work. Posting a sermon can be frustrating and take time and if you’re not changing lives with it, where’s the value?

Posting a sermon to the sidebar of your website is like buying a Ferrari and never taking it out of the garage.

SHARE! You need to be sharing your sermons. Develop email lists of those who want to get them in their inbox. Use social media to get your message in front of the youth. This will not only foster growth, but allow them to easily share your message. You’ve put your life into spreading the good news. Don’t let your talent waste away on your webpage. We’re slowly becoming a society that needs to be interrupted. We’ve been trained that great, shareable content will be delivered to us via our friends or the news. Be that friend. Share your sermons.

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