Four places to claim your Church’s location

There are a host of location based apps and websites where you can gain great presence and raise your search placement. These vibrant communities are always growing and making yourself known can only help to further your online ministry.

Google Local (Formerly Google Places)


You’ve probably already done this, but it bears repeating since it is instrumental in checking off completion of your Google+ Business page. If you haven’t claimed your address on Google Local, formerly Google Places, then do so. It will help bring your church out of anonymity when people search for it, providing them with directions and a street view, instead of forcing them to search out your address on your website.



Foursquare is almost the original social media gamification app. It is no instrumental to your growth, however your church probably is already listed in their database. Users of foursquare “check-in” at certain addresses, competing to have the most check-ins and become the locations “mayor”. This is popular among a lot of Twitter users and can help you capture a younger audiences attention.



You’ve probably used their service without realizing it, or you use it frequently because you know how helpful it can be. Yelp is a nation-wide review website. People leave reviews of restaurants, businesses and yes, even churches. Encourage members to leave recommendations. Positive reviews can lead to new member attendance.



Findery is rather new and is built around telling stories about places. Nation-wide, it’s laid out like Google Maps and allows people to leave notes across the nation for others to add to, creating a digital scrapbook. Being fairly new, it has little traffic and it is yet to be seen if this startup can gain traction with users. However, jumping on it now may lead to newer members later, when you’re the only church who is on the new platform.



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