Five Amazing Apps for Pastors



(For Inspiration and Divine Intervention) There is a reason Evernote is everywhere. It is the king of note-taking applications. I use Evernote on a weekly basis and I am able to live within the confines of the free data amount. It allows voice and text notes with a camera for capturing inspiration. It’s great for those bolt-of-lightning moments that come over you. Whip out your phone and tap to record. Whether it’s a sermon idea or a book title reminder, let Evernote be your memory.



(Not Everyone is an Insomniac) As a workaholic myself, I love Boomerang. The free Google plugin for Gmail allows you to schedule email sends and pings you with follow up reminders. Don’t be the guy sending people emails at 2 a.m. ever again. Have a contact overseas? Send the email on his time. No one likes getting woken up by an email notification in the middle of the night. Boomerang allows you to schedule when your email blasts go out but also enables you to be courteous. (Great for spaced repetition emailing.)



(Where are my business cards?!) Bump is essentially a digital business card transfer app. We’ve all forgotten business cards at one point or another. Don’t let a potential lead or business contact fall through the cracks ever again. Download Bump for those emergency situations and always have a business card on you. Bump doesn’t stop there. You can share other things besides business cards. Have a document, video or pic you want to hand off to a friend? Bump’s got your back. Share files the easy way.



(Harken to me!) We share video, text and images, but not really audio unless it’s a song. Audio has been picking up steam recently as people have escaped the podcast purgatory. Ambassador is a sermon sharing app for IOS. You can use your phone’s speaker or the audio jack at the sound booth. Ambassador records your sermon, then uploads it to your website and can share it to your social media pages. Sharing sermons has never been easier.



(I feel like I’m forgetting something…) We’ve all forgotten one appointment or another, sometimes a big one, sometimes not. Still, no one likes to let another down. There are a myriad of calendar and schedule applications out there, but we chose ToDoist because it was simple and free. ToDoist synchronizes across all your devices. Set meetings, goals and view your productivity. You can create projects and nest items within. Set meeting dates and reminders. It’s more than a calendar application, it’s a personal assistant.

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