Every new church website should be responsive

Just because your church is fifty years old, doesn’t mean your website should be. Web trends change every six month, but responsive web design has been around for over two years. I see new church websites pop up every day in my city, some are great, but some are archaic. The reason for most is due to lack of knowledge on the subject.

A responsive web design means that the website is going to scale down to¬†accommodate¬†the browsing device, whether it be phone, tablet or deskstop. A mobile phone view is 320px wide and a desktop can be up to 1950px wide. There’s no way you can serve up the same amount of info in 1/6th of the space!

Church-goers are looking for you, but if your content is not friendly to their device, they’ll find a site that is. This is not so much a concern on desktop as it is on mobile. Mobile users will wait 3 seconds for a page to load before bouncing to another site and if they can’t find your service times or directions, boom, they’re gone. Don’t be talked into an outdated 960px wide website, you’re losing half you’re real estate on one hand, and on the other a visitor is going to have to pinch the website contantly to read anything.

There are free mobile-friendly WordPress themes out there and any web designer worth his salt can make a responsive website. Good luck out there. God Bless.

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