The Benefits of Drip Campaigns in Church Ministry

An email drip campaign falls somewhere between friendly phone reminders and Chinese water drip torture. A drip campaign is a preset index of emails that roll out on a timed schedule to its recipients. How can your church employ one? Quite easily. As colleges and high schools turn to online education, your church can follow suit. Providing an enormous amount of information to your congregation through a small investment of your time that can be recycled again and again.

A Benefit to the Group

Online classes, Bible Study course work, pre-marriage lectures and visitor on-boarding can all benefit from these automated email lists. Subscribers would receive emails every week, or multiple times a week, with your audio lesson and attached materials. This would grant them the opportunity to study at their own pace and leisure, without constraining them to schedules or having to find a time when all group members could meet.

A Benefit to the Church

Imagine meeting a new member in your gathering space on Sunday. You greet them, whip out your phone and ask if you can send them some information on your church, and plug their name and email into the Ambassador’s App [or any email app ;) ]. They leave, and over the next week receive three emails from you. On Monday, it is a short thank you from yourself. On Wednesday, they receive your most popular sermon audio page and on Saturday, you invite them back to Sunday service. The thing is, you never wrote those emails. They fired automatically from your Ambassador account. Now, visitor Bill thinks you’re the most conscientious pastor in the world and becomes a member the next month.

A Benefit to You

You are busy. Here at Ambassador, we always try to remove friction and hurdles between you and doing the Lord’s work. Drip campaigns allow you to perform a task once and leverage it to apply to all. Record your eight lectures on the Book of John and create a bible study class people can join every month. They receive the instruction, while you never have to repeat yourself. Sermon drip campaigns allow you to meet the needs of your congregation without tying up your time in redundancies.

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