Recurring Donations on Church Kiosk

Accept Online Donations in-house through Donation Kiosks

The mezzanine of every church performs a variety of essential  functions for the congregation. From mid-service child playpen to after-service social hour, the gathering space is a place where friends gather to engage with friends and family over church. Few members enter and leave your church without first passing through this space. With such foot traffic, the employment of a donation or offering kiosk can be a huge boon to your church ministry.

What is a Donation Kiosk?

A donation kiosk is usually an iPad or tablet device secured to a lectern-esque stand for employ in a specific task. In our case, donating. To maximize the effectiveness of a donation kiosk, the tablet is set to a specific webpage/webform in which the user is intended to fill out. This stand is generally accompanied by an informative and attention-grabbing sign that will direct the user on how they are to interact with the kiosk.

The Benefit of Donation Kiosks

Members are forgetful when it comes to physically bringing in their tithe. Many modern families aren’t hauling around checkbooks or 10% of their paycheck in cash and between kids, vacation and holidays, handing over part of their paycheck gets lost in the mix. Ease the friction of remembering physical tithes, volunteer money counting and data miskeying by giving your members the ability to setup their own recurring monthly tithe over a secure network when it’s top of mind. Online tithing also allows you and your church finance manager to better estimate the weekly collection and plan spending accordingly.

Kiosks can perform a variety of functions when not employed in collecting tithes. The flexibility of the tablet and lectern means you can set it up to achieve whatever webform goal you wish. Have a new roof fund? Set the tablet to accept one-time donations or monthly donations through a service such as, or allow members to signup to receive Ambassador sermons via email or SMS messages.

The tablet kiosk stands themselves are secure and lightweight, meaning you can take them on the road, to youth events and church events. Secure tablet enclosures prevent theft. You can see some here at Displays2Go (Not Affiliated) that can suite any gathering space or device. The flexibility of donation kiosks is a boon to any ministry, and as tablets become more and more affordable, the employ of such a device is within reach for every ministry.

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