5 free blog platforms to further your ministry

Content has always been king of SEO. This is no secret, the more fresh and up-to-date your content is the better your Search Engine Results will be. Blogging is an excellent way to generate this content and keep your congregation engaged and constantly returning to your website.



Blogger has been around for ever. One of the older blog platforms still in use, it is no slouch. I myself use Blogger for non-business related entities. Blogger is a Google property, like YouTube, Analytics and AdWords, you can tag your blog to your Google+ account. Plus, there are mumblings that Google favors those that are active on its communities. It is not robust and the themes are not elegant, but you can edit their code to suit your needs. The Blogger community is sparse, however and sometimes you may just feel like you’re on an island.



Tumblr was just acquired by Yahoo!. Don’t let that deter you from utilizing it. It is not very robust but the community is voracious. Tumblr has 127 million blogs and its readers share everything. There is easy blog¬†search ability¬†and you know you’re within a community of individuals who actively participate in conversation.

blog is a small community, but well run. More robust than the aforementioned, it allows you to add it to a sub-domain of your website ( ex. ). This is very handy for navigation and you’re able to keep your web design and navigation constant as your traffic navigates from your website to your blog.



Probably the best option for blog/website integration, this behemoth has become synonymous with robust blog content management services. WordPress has a multitude of free and no-so-free plugins, a large developer community and any web designer could set one up for you. If you’re looking for a professional looking blog, look no further. If you just want a blog, it is great. If your blog takes off and you need a website, WordPress can become one in an instant. WordPress is the king of blogs, best used with website integration.



Sett is a brand new start-up blog that boasts high engagement. Audiences are sent your articles instantly to get eyes on content, your posts can be voted one and your community grown faster. This may be best for an experimental trial.

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