4 Reason You should be Sharing your Sermons on Social Media

Creating Engagement
Social media is just for that, being social. When you share your sermon audio over social media, it allows your congregation to share and discuss your sermon with each other and their friends. You know everyone can be at different places in their spiritual journey and an open discussion allows for the sharing of interpretations and ideas. This discussion allows your message to spread across social media, as well as gives you great insight into how your delivery methods alter your audience’s reception of it.

The Youth
Let’s face it. Everyone lives online these days, especially the you. Social media sites are the digital gathering places for young christians. For Jesus to stay relative in their lives, they need to hear your message in an engaging way, not just as a lecture on Sunday. Your constant presence on social media and sharing of your message allows you the opportunity to enter into discourse with them and guide them spiritually, either personally or in a group. Your voice is needed in the places where vice is a mouse click away.

Visitor Discovery
The first thing someone looking for a new church is going to do is ask their friend where they go. The second? Online research. We trust search for everything, from where to eat, to where we should invest. Your social media page serves as a review site, a social proofing network and an appetizer of your messages. If these visitors are able to find not only your touching messages, but also a thriving community of followers, they’ll know this is the place for them and Christ leads your church.

For Yourself
With the constant changes in technology and online ministry, one thing that never changes is Christ and His love. Your voice is needed in the void. But don’t just think of it as another task. Keeping abreast with social media will allow you more evangelism opportunities and keep you young. Social media is where the latest tech trends and social happenings are discussed and shared. Living within the social media sphere is vital to the future success of an online ministry in this digital world.

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