3 Reasons to Create your Digital Sermon Archive

You don’t need this list. You know exactly why you should be creating a digital sermon archive. This post is meant to give you that little nudge you need to jump in whole-heartedly. We need your voice. Don’t be afraid.

Preserve the Spirit’s Influence

Christ speaks through all of us, but especially pastor’s. You won’t know who your words blossom in or whose spirit you’ve stoked. There are some many ways words strike us to the core and by not recording your sermons, those who you’ve just begun to bring toward Christ won’t have that powerful message to reconnect with. Let your message resonate with those who aren’t even present by allowing your words to live beyond the church parking lot.

Allow Yourself to be Shared

Social engagement is what being human is all about. We want to connect with others: over movies, bands, recipes and sports. We are always looking for ways to connect with others through sharing. Recording your sermons give them a digital life and allows them to be easily shared over the web and through email. Your older congregation can connect with them as well as your younger audience, as they’re capable of being shared over all mediums.

Create a Legacy

Many Pastor’s resonate with this point the most. Although most chide themselves for being egotistical, it’s not. We all wish to live on after our time through our works. Gilgamesh had his walls. C. S. Lewis had his books. Why can you not have your sermons? The human condition has not changed. After 2000 years, the Bible is still as prevalent today as it ever was. CD’s and cassettes collect dust in closets, take up physical space and require special devices to play. Digital files can be easily transported and stored cheaply online or on file storage devices. Give your sermons everlasting life by creating a digital archive.

You know what you need to do. We’re always here to help you accomplish your goal. Whether it’s simply recording your sermons for your own collection or recording to share with your congregation as an online ministry tool. Sermon recording doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming or take up resources.

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