Monstrous ways to share your church 2014

3 quick and easy, overlooked ways to share your ministry online in 2014

The internet has made growing a ministry appear easy. In reality, the noise of everything online makes growing a ministry very daunting. Where do you begin? Facebook? Twitter? Blogs? There are a million and one ways to share your ministry with others, not all of them are effective though. We’ve isolated three ways to share you ministry online that are generally overlooked or not even thought about that have a high return on investment.


Link to your sermon in your email signature

Email signatures go mostly ignored. You might read someone’s the first time, ask yourself why they’re embedding so many social media icons, and forget it. By the third email, you don’t even look down there. But what about when you receive that first email or that chain of emails? You go snooping. Who is this? What’s their title? Sharing a link to your ambassador sermon can be an amazingly effective way to let your ministry trickle out across email conversations, cc’s and forwards. If you are emailing a large group of members, local church leaders or an international organization, just think of the impact one email can make with that sermon link included beneath your name and title. Your ministry can begin to touch people you’ve never met and will never meet. It almost makes you want to be more vocal in the next group discussion, doesn’t it?


Become a Guest Blogger

*If you’re a terrible writer, skip this

Many church blogs out there are run by people just like us; simple, hard-working individuals trying to improve ministries and spread the Good News. The people behind each article are kind-hearted Christians that write everyday and are constantly looking for great content for their website. Having a guest blogger step in allows them to save their article for another day and let them take a little break or get ahead on their writing. Whether you know it or not, you have something to share and teach others. Pick your favorite blog, reach out to your favorite author from that site, and ask if they accept guest bloggers. Write up several articles you feel fit their audience and ask your new friend if any would work. Have your author title link to your own blog or church website. Now, thousands of people will see your name and ministry and might just click the link to your website. You’ve essentially just reached thousands of individuals for several hours of work. :) Wasn’t that fun. Do it again! Become a regular guest blogger!


Start an iTunes Podcast

What is this 2007? No. Podcasting is making a comeback! Most churches will stop their online sharing after their audio is on their website and their video hits YouTube. Leveraging iTunes can be a huge boon to your ministry, as it can handle audio and video, allowing members to subscribe and auto-download your content. Beginning an iTunes channel is a lot like managing a bird feeder. Most of your traffic is going to be your own congregation, your birds. But then someone stumbles upon your channel by accident and immediately connects with it. You’ve got yourself a squirrel, a visitor you did not anticipate or tailor your sermon for, but they like it just the same. Pretty soon you have more squirrels showing up to get at your Sunday bird seed and they’re telling their friends. iTunes can be very hit or miss but it is a widely used channel with great support. Best part? It’s free!

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