3 payment gateways for accepting digital donations

Donations are the lifeblood of the church, but we all forget every now and then. Payment plans can be setup through contracts, but what about guest donations? What about on-site charity donations that go to a separate account. Not everyone has their checkbook on them at all times and sometimes on-the-spot decisions can vanish once someone leaves thechurch. Digital payment gateways can solve your paper money issues.



If you’re looking for a highly customizable payment system, Stripe is just right for you. You’ll need to be quite code-savvy, but Stripe is the most customizable payment gateway out there. You write it yourself, plug it into most application and all CMS setups. Plus, it’s price is competitive. 2.9% + 30 cents per successful charge. No setup fees, no monthly fees, no card storage fees, no hidden costs: you only get charged when you earn money. Be warned, their is no hand-holding, you have to write the code, the styles and the usage. This is a payment gateway for web developers, butone of the best.


You’ve probably heard of It’s a widely popular payment gateway andhas hundreds of reseller companies. Authorize provides exactly what you’d expect; a merchant service to accept online payments. It is nothing fancy and has a high setup cost ($99), but it has a large customer service network and is very easy to implement if you are not web-savvy. Simply copy/paste in one of their “Buy Now” or “Purchase” buttons.




The mobile device system is a payment gateway contained in an application with a dongle for your smart phone or tablet. The dongle allows you to swipe a card in person or accept cash and enter it in. If you’re hosting a large event, ushers with Square may be more reliable than your standard baskets. This mobile merchant is simple and easy to implement. Plug and go after your initial setup. The price is competitive at 2.75% or $275/mo. A lot of companies are now coming out with copycat systems, so check with your bank to see if they offer a similar service.

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