Our Team

Barry Welch Ambassador Co-Founder

Barry Welch Co-Founder

There's not a whiteboard yet that Barry has been able to resist drawing on in order to tell a story and convey ideas. He loves helping people imagine possibilities and bring exciting notions to life with technology. He loves teaching people in webinars, video courses, and in person. And he loves sitting for hours moving bits and bytes around to solve engineering problems.

To Barry, Ambassador is a way to reach out and help churches to use technology so they can get better at reaching their own congregations. Decades from now, you shouldn't be surprised if you find Barry doing the same thing he is doing now: teaching technology, creating engineered solutions, and helping churches.

Kalen Kubik Ambassador Co-Founder

Kalen Kubik Co-Founder

Making his living crafting websites, managing SEM campaigns and driving SEO projects, Kalen has thrown himself into the startup scene. While still young to the game, He spends his time making Ambassador a more beautiful place and pushing online conversions utilizing a wide variety of channels and marketing initiatives. If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, please send your info to Kalen@AmbassadorApp.com.

To Kalen, Ambassador is a solution for churches of every size and budget to create and grow an online ministry. He believes every ministry, no matter their tech literacy, can leverage Ambassador to create a powerful soul saving platform.

Our Inspiration

"There used to be this itinerant evangelist who would come visit our home church every few years, by the name of Bill Marshall. Now Bro. Marshall had this program he did and he called it the Tape of the Month Club. And the way it worked was that he'd send you these tapes every month with curated, high-impact, soul-stirring preaching, and he'd pick some music out and put it on there too at the end. Now my parents had been subscribing to this for a few years, I think just to support Bro Marshall because my parents were just like that, always trying to find a way to help, and anyway these tapes started to pile up and get sorta yellow in my parents basement. So, in college, being a broke student with a long commute, I would grab up a bunch of those tapes and keep them in my car and listen. And oh, the power of God's word was often evident as I listened to those sermons on those long commutes to and from school.

And on one of those tapes, there was a preacher who was talking about having a vision for the work of the Lord, and at one point during his message he said "You know, we have a building fund at our church... and its not because we want to build a new building to show off "God's generosity" to the rest of the community... its because I have a vision for reaching more people... for seeing young children walking the aisle of that church in faith and kneeling down at the altar to receive Jesus as his savior... to see young couples raising a family and bringing them to church in that new building, and being able to do more for the community there."

That pastor made an impression on me so many years ago... and I tell you now that Ambassador for us isn't some business venture where we're trying to rake huge piles of money under ourselves... its because we have a vision.

We see husbands who had to work on Sundays, who couldn't make it to the services who are wrecked from a week's work, and who listen to your sermon on their way home on Sunday afternoon before they greet their families for the evening activities.

We see tired nursery workers and junior church leaders who are anemic from the lack of being fed from God's word, sitting in the easy-chair on Sunday afternoon to hear what the message the Lord had for them through their pastor that Sunday morning.

We see church members who are out of church due to sickness and other ailments of the body, or are otherwise too weak to come to services, and we see them tuning in to their shepherd from their local church telling them what God has to say today... rather than turning on some PowerHour in the TV.

We see families on vacation, with hours of driving, listening to sound preaching from their pastor while the miles roll by.

We see fathers and mothers of young boys and girls who are coming of age, stealing into their bedrooms at night to switch-off the gospel presentations that have been playing while they drifted off to sleep.

We see mothers of young men and women who's hearts ache because of bad decisions their children are making... we see them sending along the sermon along with a note that says "I love you son, and I'm praying for you. Here, I hope this message is an encouragement to you."

We have this vision, and on some level we know you share this vision and this burden with us. We believe that this kind of ministry should not be entered into lightly, but with gravity of conscience... and we are so grateful that so many churches are allowing us to be a part of this critical ministry. Won't you pray for us that this ministry of ours will grow, and in turn we'll pray for you, that your ministry will greatly profit for God's Kingdom through this service, and that as a result, you'll see souls saved, and lives changed for Christ.

Thank you."

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