The Ambassador Web Platform

An Online Ministry shouldn't require a Tech Degree.

Share your sermons with your congregation email lists, Facebook fans and Twitter followers seconds after giving your sermon. Our sermon app allows for From-The-Pulpit sharing with just an iPhone. No fancy sound system. No tiresome setup. Just create an account and start growing your online ministry. If you're recording via soundbooth or other device, just upload your MP3 to your admin panel and fire away. We can even handle special group sermons and two-pastor churches. We didn't stop at traditional sharing, though. We know building a successful ministry means going above and beyond. Embed your sermons on your website. Need help starting an iTunes Podcasting Channel, we walk you through it. Have a Wordpress site? We have a plugin for that!

How does tracking work?

So, how can we provide you with such in depth analysis of sermon interaction? Easy, each member email and social network is given a unique sermon URL, which allows us to report back how your congregation is connecting with your sermons. A member may also choose to share your sermon on their timeline, generating another unique URL, enabling your to see who your ministry's biggest supporters are. You'll be able to tie in your own ministry's social media and set custom post messages for your posts in your account settings to cater to the different social media environments.

Track & Analyze Listens, Shares and Downloads

Ambassador has the most in-depth sermon tracking available. We track your sermons down to the individual listening. Giving each member a unique URL allows us to tell you if they've listened to your sermon or not, send them reminders if they haven't and track their sharing. Once your sermon is sent, you can watch as your member listens and downloads grow, as well as your listens from sharing on various social media. These congregation and social media insights will enable you to decide where you concentrate your online presence. We also rate your sermon's overall performance against all your other sermons and generate a "best hits" list, which you can use to send to your church visitors to aid in visitor onboarding.

Ambassador's drip-campaign capabilities allow you to host online education programs for visitors, bible studies, youth groups or marriage encounters. The drip campaign allows you to setup a run of emails containing study material, prayer intentions and audio files in timed succession. Extend the class over a week or several months and you can on-board new individuals with the click of a button. We want to take the load off of your shoulders and streamline your online ministry to make it the most effective and burden-free experience we can, for both your congregation and yourself.

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