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Record your sermon at the pulpit or on the go from your iPhone.

Automate sermon sharing to your email list, social media account and website.

Track your sermons influence across the web through listen, share and download analytics.

Your weekly sermon is one of the strongest connections you can make with your congregation. 89% of congregations worldwide receive their religious education strictly from the Sunday sermon. If your sermons are this important, why let your hard work fade to a memory by Sunday afternoon? Why can't you measure your impact and allow your amazing message to live on again and again for members new and old. The spoken word conveys more understanding than any Bible study or prayer session can. If you're not already recording and sharing your sermons, imagine the lasting impact you can provide your congregation. With Ambassador's built in tools, you'll not only be able to record and share, but measure your impact. Are you already recording your sermons? Ambassador can incorporated its tracking and sharing with your pre-existing podcast software. Your sermons are the jewels of your ministry and your work is too important not to be shared.

We built this app specifically for busy pastors with low budgets and few resources. We believe sharing the Good News shouldn't be limited by your wallet or time-constraints. Your greatest gift is your ability to communicate the message of Christ. Let us be your mouthpiece. Our automated sharing allows you to share your sermon with your congregation within minutes of giving it. Watch your online ministry grow from your cell phone as your message spreads. Our sermon sharing app is simple and intuitive. Record, archive and share your sermons in minutes with just a cell phone and the Holy Spirit. Beginning an online ministry has never been this easy.

Ambassador Sermon Sharing App

Sermon Sharing & Analytics Platform

The Ambassador Sermon Sharing platform is a Good News spreading powerhouse. Not only does it integrate with our powerful mobile app, it allows you to upload your own sound files, upload member email list CSV's and monitor listens, shares and downloads. Setup visitor drip campaigns, manage multiple pastors and run virtual Bible studies through the extensive admin platform. Learn More »

sermon sharing platform

#EverydayAmbassador Highlight

Pastoral Minister, Ted Cook, at the Church of the Magdalen in Wichita, Kansas was one of the very first to utilize the Ambassador Sermon Sharing platform to grow the church's online ministry. After using Ambassador for a year, Magdalen has accumulated over 200 active listeners and shared over 60 sermons, adult education classes and guest speeches. Their online sermons and educational classes have become a relied upon resource and reference for their parishioners.

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